While on Assignment in Luxembourg the artist spotted a pile of scraps probably left over from the dismantling of one of the furnaces of the Belval Steelworks in 1995. The pictures were not created but framed as they had laid for more than ten years in the open to the elements. They are pieces of pieces of an unintended composition. They were up until their dismantling maintained and repainted for nearly a hundred years leaving the tracks of handwork and fastidious care only to be torn out and left behind. Once a state of the art steelworks employing 3000 workers, one of the furnaces was purchased by China and disassembled to be then reassembled and given new life in Yunnan Province. They are a powerful metaphor for progress and possession , abandonment and resurrection, and faded glory. The remaining structure has become a monument to its times and a landmark for a new urban development.

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