This collection represents a game of layers on layers in which unintentional messages surface and reveal themselves in a new order of transparencies. Overlapping is a common feature of Tom Vack's artistic work, which goes beyond the purity of the single image by working on the superimposition of multiple shots to investigate the power of messages and their ability to reveal themselves as a consequence of careful observation and the perceptive sensitivity of the observer. The mingling of images, graphic signs and lettering creates a constructed visual confusion that results in a thoughtful and carefully balanced aesthetic dynamism. The starting point are images of advertising posters taken by Vack, a reflection of contemporary society which, like a pack of cards being thrown into the void, are disarranged, shuffled and superimposed, until a personal material and chromatic balance is achieved. “These are images not to be looked at but to be looked into.”_ Tom Vack

Selected from a larger series

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