last leaves

Artwork inspired by the artist’s remembrances of the cycle of life as portended by omens and their inevitability, portrayed in O. Henry’s “Full House” (1952), a film he viewed in his youth. These leaves that have fallen onto the streets of Milan, are like us, an individual living in a collective. Each one has their personality and body language, their way of falling or leaving after their life function has passed and their blazing last colours have drained them of their life force.

This artistic research has branched into three themes. In Pure the leaves have been portrayed in their most bare essentials as individual protagonists of a community, backlit by light, which, one inside the leaf and one outside, bringing forth a connotation full of rorschachian implications. Ensemble demonstrates the rapport between the individual soloists and their amalgam into a collective opus with Baroque overtones. In Tattoos the leaves are a screen to project diverse images that investigates the cultural messages, both remembered or superimposed on the individual, with references to the colours of autumn and the symbols and tropes of American popular culture.

Selected from a larger series

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